Plant subscriptions: an easy way to cultivate your green space

The past couple of years have seen some monumental shifts that continue to shape our lives today.

During the lockdown in 2020, interest in gardening went through the roof as people sought to reconnect with the outdoors.

According to a survey by GlobalData marketing, in May 2020 gardening became the nation’s second favourite activity after watching TV.

Going forward, people continue to find joy in cultivating their own green space, and are looking for inspiration and expertise to support their new-found passion.

So how does a plant subscription support this new wave of gardening enthusiasts?

What Our Happy Subscribers Are Saying

“I am constantly impressed with Lazy Flora! Their plants are beautiful and always healthy when they arrive, and their customer service is absolutely amazing!! Thank you!” Olivia S

“I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Both deliveries have been high quality, I'm excited for my next plant!” Claire G

“I love Lazy Flora! Great customer service and look forward to my delivery of gorgeous plants each month. My garden has never looked so good” Jackie W

“Absolutely thrilled with my Hawaiian plant sent to me as part of a subscription. It looks stunning in my living room. It arrived in perfect condition with detailed information on how to care for it. Delivery was prompt and the plant itself was wrapped and packaged with great care. I highly recommend Lazy Flora!” Sarah I

How Lazy Flora Began

I grew up in the countryside with parents who fostered in me a love of all things gardening; a passion that I’ve spent my adult life sharing with anyone who’ll listen.

But it was when I left home and moved to the city I bumped into a number of gardening challenges for the first time.

Challenges such as:

  • How do you cultivate a wonderful green space when there’s so much lack of, well... space?
  • In fact, how do you even get to your local plant retailer without your own transport?
  • Oh, and if you don’t have your own car how are you supposed to transport those plants anyway?

I realised that the wonderful project of growing and nurturing your own collection of plants simply wasn’t available to a lot of people.

So I set out to change that, and Lazy Flora Plant Subscriptions was born!

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