Plants for a pandemic: an unexpected launch


Hi folks, 

Today, quite a long way ahead of schedule, I am delighted to announce the launch of our fruit, veg and herb plant plug boxes.

This has been in the pipeline for months - years, even. I knew it was something we could deliver, and that lots of people love growing their own food, and we expected it to be something we would offer at some point in the future.

But to be honest, this isn't when or how I expected to launch this product.

I didn't expect that we would have to deal with a pandemic. Suddenly, the prospect of being self-sufficient has been kicked sharply into focus for all of us, and rather than just an attractive lifestyle choice, it's become something more important to many of us - it feels like a lifeline; a means of protection.

I want Lazy Flora to be the most use to you now that we can be. That means doing things a bit differently. It means launching new products when we don't quite feel ready to do so, before we've had chance to prepare launch materials, get photographs taken, or schedule Facebook posts about it. But we're doing this because we know this is what many of you have told us you're looking for right now, and that's how we can best be of service.

So here you are, I present to you: fruit, veg and herb boxes. It's a one-off product for now rather than a subscription. We'll continue to work on that over time and keep you posted when we're ready to make it an ongoing thing.

Stay safe, sending lots of love.

Claire and the whole Lazy Flora team. xxx

22 March 2020 

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