Plants that thrive in student halls


Are you getting ready to pack student essentials, pots, pans, pens, paper? Well, let us sort the student hall friendly plants for you!

You may be watching children flee the nest for the first time or you may be experiencing living away from friends- all exciting but slightly scary steps indeed!

Nothing says new home like a new plant. A gift of a new plant will not only add style to the typically less stylish student flat but also provide a living, well-being boost!

Oh, and parents, it may also act as a little reminder to call home when it needs a water.

We have put together a list of our plants that will thrive in student halls, low light, and beginner friendly:


Chinese evergreen

Chinese Evergreen has a retro-chic quality having been an interior design staple since the 1970’s. Its glossy, dark green leathery leaves are strikingly marbled with silvery green chevrons.

And, while most houseplants require at least a bit of effort, growing Chinese evergreens can make even the novice indoor gardener look like an expert. This tropical foliage plant is one of the most durable houseplants you can grow, tolerating poor light, dry air and drought.

This will certainly be a conversation starter when making new friends!

The ZZ Plant

In our expert opinion, the ZZ plant should be everyone's first plant! It is one of the hardiest plants around and as such, you'll often find it in offices and other low-light areas. It doesn't require much water but thrives best when the soil is not allowed to completely dry out.

This is perfect if you think the student receiving will be busy throwing themselves into university life and may not keep on top of maintenance!

African violet

One of the most reliable indoor plants for first time plant owners to start learning what it takes to encourage plants to bloom.

These little plants are so undemanding but produce such beautiful and delicate flowers that just last and last. They are one of the few plants that will flower almost all year round if kept in the right conditions.

This is perfect for the vibrant student who likes a pop of colour!

Pothos marble queen

The 'Marble Queen' is part of the pothos family. A pothos is a great first plant as it is low maintenance but grows quickly in the correct environment, giving a great confidence boost!

It is space saving plant as it trails so would look great hanging off a bookcase or shelf. It is capable of growing over 3 metres!

Mimosa pudica

This amazing little shrub, commonly known as the Sensitive Plant, is a wonder of nature and reacts to your touch. Sweep your hand along its feathery leaves and watch them jump together! I could act as a ‘touch from home’ if homesickness strikes or you have a day where a family hug is all you need.

This plant requires a little more care as it uses energy reacting to touch!

Mimosa pudica requires loads of direct sunlight so a sunny windowsill is the ideal spot. You’ll also need to keep it well watered as this plant baby likes it hot and humid!

Indoor plant subscription

Say more with a subscription. Packages from home are always welcome in student halls. An indoor plant subscription could remind those far away how much you care or brighten up a stressful deadline period!

We know space isn’t always a luxury in student living spaces, therefore you can choose how regularly you would like your plants to arrive. Choose from a plant delivery every month or every two months.

Please note subscriptions are not included in the 20% off offer.

Still undecided? We have a huge range of plants available in our indoor boutique.

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