Plastic free plant subscriptions

One of the main reasons I started Lazy Flora is because I care deeply about nature, about the environment, about plants, trees and flowers. I want to do everything I can to protect and nurture our precious natural resources, so one of the hardest decisions I made in the very earliest days of the business was to ship our deliveries with recycled plastic packaging. It was something I tried very hard to avoid, but simply couldn’t find a viable alternative at the time.

Using plastic packaging has been the most uncomfortable of compromises for Lazy Flora. It’s the one thing that has irked me from the start, and it’s the one thing we’ve just had to live with until now. Honestly, I’ve felt pretty horrible about it, but it was a necessary evil to get things off the ground.

At the start of this year, I promised you (and myself, and the team) that by the end of this year, all Lazy Flora packaging would be plastic free. This wasn’t even a business decision – it was a decision that I just couldn’t bear not to make any longer. We had to do better.

I’m relieved and proud to announce that we’re almost ready to launch our fully recyclable packaging to all our product ranges. We’re a bit ahead of schedule, too (7 months early, to be exact!)

Our indoor plants went plastic free in March. If you’re an existing Lazy Flora customer, you might have noticed this, but we’ve been bad at shouting about it. We’ve replaced our plastic individual plant packaging with cardboard wraps, and now use biodegradable bags to cover the pots and reduce soil spillage in transit. Any bubble wrap or inflated pillow packaging you might find with your deliveries is now also biodegradable, and will always be.

Lazy Flora plastic free packaging

This bag is starch-based and isn't plastic at all!

Lazy Flora plastic free packaging

Excuse the bubble wrap in this picture, that won't be joining our deliveries any more.

Lazy Flora plastic free packaging

The journey to move our outdoor plants to plastic-free packaging has been more of a challenge, but we’re now in a good place and we’ll be rolling out some new packaging in the next few weeks. We’ve done a lot of testing, discovered a lot of ways of shipping plants that doesn’t work very well, and finally, we’ve commissioned some custom-made cardboard packaging that works just as well - if not better – than the plastic packaging we’ve been using to this point.

Lazy Flora plastic free packaging

So I’m really excited to announce that we’re almost there. Please, bear with us just a little longer, but know that this truly is a top priority for us, and that we really care about doing this right and getting this done.

In the meantime, please do go and check out our amazing plant subscriptions.

Indoor plants

Outdoor plants

We want you to love them as much as we do! <3 <3 <3



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