Q&A with Victoria Jackson, founder of Apartment Number 4

Victoria Jackson, Founder of Apartment Number 4

Today we’re catching up with Victoria Jackson, founder of multi-award winning interior design blog, Apartment Number 4. From her balcony garden to her love of supermarket homeware, we discover more about the face behind one of the UK’s leading blogs.

It’s great to finally catch up Victoria after our partnership earlier this year! How are your Lazy Flora plants doing?

They’re doing really well thank you! I feel like a complete plant mum when I see new buds appearing! For those that didn’t catch the post, I showed my readers how to create an indoor garden oasis using some amazing Lazy Flora indoor plants. The response to that feature was brilliant as I think there are so many people like me – living in flats with no green space to call their own – who want to reap the benefits of having plants. I have the tiniest balcony - like literally a ledge outside my French doors - but I’ve had so much fun this summer adding plants, taking care of them and seeing them blossom.

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What are you growing at the moment?

I’ve actually just got my Summer Cocktails Plant Collection through the post, so I’ve potted those on my balcony. In the box there’s mint, hibiscus, salvia, alpine strawberry, nasturtium, rose, rosemary, scented geraniums, lemon thyme, passion flower and dianthus – some of which are edible to create show stopping cocktail recipes. I just need to invite friends around now to enjoy them! 

I’d also love to try my hand at growing some vegetables on my balcony - this time next year I want to have tomatoes, a herb garden and potentially a lemon tree all growing successfully.

Your whole ethos around Apartment Number 4 is based on creating a beautiful home on a budget. What’s your number one tip for inexpensive decorating? 

I always tell my readers not to forget supermarket homeware. You can find some absolutely gems at the likes of Sainsbury’s and Asda, plus M&S always have a great end-of-season sale to pick up pieces like kitchenware, candles and room sprays. Morrisons have recently launched a homeware collection so I’m excited to see how that will develop. Another tip is to sign up to email lists and wait for sale codes to be sent through – usually when you sign up, you’re offered a discount code, so create a separate email account for those to go to and check in when you’re looking to make a purchase to see if you can save any money.

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Describe your dream garden for us.

OK, so it would start with a huge seating area, sofa’s, chairs, huge comfy cushions, all around a fire pit. Then I’d have a pizza oven AND a BBQ built in. I’m all about bringing the inside out, making my garden an extension of my home. I’d love to have the space to invite friends and family over to entertain, while the dogs can run around the garden and the kids can play in the pool. That’s the dream anyway!

Lastly, what’s your favourite flower? 

Up until recently I’d say peonies, but the sunflower has seen a resurgence this summer and I love how they brighten up a room. Plus, the sunflower takes me back to my childhood when mum planted one to see how tall we could grow it! It didn’t take long for it to tower over me!

You can discover more about Victoria over at www.apartmentnumber4.com.

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