Rubber gloves: a policy change

We’re all aware that there is a nationwide shortage of protective gear, which includes the rubber gloves that we’ve previously included in our Lazy Flora outdoor plant boxes.

Up until now, we’ve had enough gloves in stock and we haven’t needed to order any more. But we’re at the point where our stocks are starting to deplete, and it doesn’t seem like the right thing to order any more when it clearly makes more sense for people who are at highest risk to have access to them.

So this is what we’ve decided to do:

  • We’ve diverted all our remaining supply of rubber gloves for exclusive use of our warehouse team. Their safety is our top priority. 
  • We’re removing all of our usual rubber gloves from our boxes and replacing them with a biodegradable alternative.

You might have seen an example of the temporary new gloves if you received a delivery from us at the end of last week. The replacement gloves are intended for food preparation rather than gardening and are not as strong as the usual gloves, so please be careful about tearing them when using them. If you do have a thicker pair of gloves as an alternative, we suggest you use those instead.

Please always be sure to wash your hands very thoroughly after any kind of gardening, and never use bare hands to plant up, ever. 

Compost and soil are breeding grounds for bacteria of all kinds, and even the tiniest scratch or open wound on your hand can lead to very serious health conditions like sepsis, or Legionnaire’s disease. At a time when we’re all doing our best to reduce the strain on the healthcare system, this becomes even more important.

We’re working on a plan to make some gardening gloves available through the Lazy Flora website. I don’t know how quickly we’ll be able to make this happen, but we’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your understanding on this.

Sending love,

Lazy Flora Founder.

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