Some changes to our indoor plant subscriptions

Today, we're very excited to share some news about some changes to our Lazy Flora indoor plant subscriptions.

Here are the headlines:

Lazy Flora upgraded pots

What this means for you if you are an existing subscriber

If you currently have a live indoor subscription, here’s how you will be affected:

Luxury subscription (with pot), pay monthly or pre-paid You guys have hit the jackpot. The prices for new Luxury (with pot) subscriptions will be going up from 1 May to enable us to upgrade pots we send to you, but this price increase won’t affect you. As our Luxury subscriptions have only been running for a couple of months, we’ve made the decision to upgrade your subscriptions completely free of charge to include our new upgraded pots. Your subscription will continue at your current rate until such time as you choose to cancel, or your subscription naturally expires.

Basic pet-friendly subscription (no pot), pay monthly Woop woop! We have a fabulous offer for you too! You can choose to keep your subscription as it is, or upgrade before 1 May for the bargain price of £29/month for the lifetime of your subscription (saving 15% EVERY MONTH).

If you would like to take advantage of this awesome upgrade offer, please email and we will sort that out for you right away.

If you choose to continue your subscription as it is, you will start to see some different Basic pots in your deliveries, and you can continue your subscription for as long as you like. We aren’t planning to stop the subscription for existing subscribers just yet (and in fact, we may not ever do that if you tell us you want it to continue); we just aren’t opening it up to new subscribers any more. However, if you choose to cancel your pay-monthly subscription, I’m afraid you won’t be able to rejoin again at a later date.

If you have a pre-paid Basic indoor subscription, your subscription will be unaffected by these changes. You will continue to receive a Basic pet-friendly plant with or without a Basic pot, depending on your choice, until the end of your pre-paid subscription. At the end of your subscription, you are welcome to switch to one of our Luxury options, and we’ll make sure you get a little discount if you do so (so don’t forget to ask).

Luxury subscription (no pot), pay monthly or pre-paid Your subscription will also be unaffected by these changes. Your subscription will continue until it naturally expires, or until such time as you choose to cancel.

If you were thinking of subscribing

NOW is a great time to do so! If you sign up before 1 May, you can still get our April plant (The Magic Monstera!) and Basic pot for £29 by entering the code LASTMINUTE at checkout. This code is valid for your first delivery; your subscription will continue at the new rate of £33 at your next renewal.

Read more about why we’re making these changes here, in a letter from our Founder Claire.

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