Treasure Hunt Competition

Lazy Flora treasure hunt clue 1
We're in that weird limbo place between Christmas and New Year, which is even more of a limbo this year than most, so we've put together something that's a bit fun and playful, to serve as some diversion, and which could win you a year's plant subscription to Lazy Flora.
On the Lazy Flora website (and in some other places too), we've hidden 5 sets of words in green boxes for you.
Follow the treasure hunt by guessing and locating the clues, and recording the words you see in the green boxes.
When you've found all the clues, rearrange the words to make a well-known phrase, then click on the final image in the sequence (there are 5 in total) to type in your answer and be entered into the competition.
One lucky winner will be receiving a year's subscription to Lazy Flora. And (hopefully) everyone else will have a bit of fun in the process.
Read the clue above, then head to the start of the treasure hunt.
Yarrrr! Me hearties! Good luck!
Claire and the Lazy Flora team. xxx