Why we're giving away FREE gloves to all our subscribers

This April, we're giving away a free pair of gloves to all our subscription customers.

We think this is pretty cool, and we even created a fun video to celebrate!

We're doing this for a number of reasons:

1) It's really important to protect your hands when handling plants. There are all kinds of pathogens and bacteria in soil, which can very easily be transferred to humans through direct contact.

2) Until now, we've provided disposable gloves with all our outdoor plant deliveries (with a small interruption in March/April last year), but we're painfully aware of how wasteful this is. We've been looking for a better solution for a while, and I'm pleased to say that we're now able to gift every one of our subscription customers with a pair of gloves.

3) Giving gifts feels good. We get a kick out of it. (Maybe this one is a bit selfish of us.)

We really appreciate our subscription customers and we like to treat you well. So we're getting into the habit of sourcing some fun gifts to include in your deliveries, and this is one of those.

Our subscriptions

Everyone who receives a Lazy Flora subscription delivery in April 2021 will receive a free pair of gloves as a gift from us.

Here are our best sellers...

Seasonal outdoor plant subscription

Indoor plant subscription

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