Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen | 12cm | Houseplant

Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen'

Hoya is a low maintenance but high impact, plant that will reach for the sky as it climbs, producing beautiful flowers that smell divine! Blessed with the scent of sweet flowers at morning and at night, what more could you ask for!

An ideal plant for areas of your home where you want to fill a space vertically, Hoya is known for being a long-lived plant, the thick glossy leaves will happily keep on growing year after year.

Comes in a 12cm nursery pot, ceramic planter not included.

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Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen'



Plant Type

Tropical houseplant

Pet Safe




How to care for your Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen | 12cm | Houseplant

Native habitat

Native to Asia and Australia.

Light and position in the home

Your Hoya will prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Grow near to a sunny window but not in the direct rays of the sun. It's important to note that variegated plants need more sunlight than un-variegated plants, so avoid low light conditions.

Watering and humidity

Keep well watered throughout the growing season, and water once the top 2 inches of soil is dry. Hoyas have some tolerance to drought so it's best to underwater than overwater this plant.

Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen | 12cm | Houseplant
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