Christmas Cactus



Christmas cacti bloom just in time for the festive season, which is exactly where they get their name - blooming from late November to late January, they give a wonderful and bright floral display and are also super easy to care for, which makes them the ideal Christmas gift for either the plant lover or the beginner in your life! Or, just for yourself.

Its foliage is pretty stunning too with hanging branches made up of flat, glossy green segments and can grow to a huge 3 feet long.

Comes in a 13cm pot.


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St. Lucia planter (13.5cm)
Cape Town planter
New York planter
Mystery Pot (14cm)
Mystery Pot (13cm)

How to care for your Christmas Cactus

Native habitat

Christmas Cactus grow on trees or rock in the coastal mountains of Brazil, where high humidity and shade are prevalent.

Light and position in the home

This plant will enjoy bright, indirect sunlight, to shady conditions. Aim for it to receive 4-6 hours' indirect sunlight per day.

Watering and humidity

Keep soil dry, and only water when soil is very dry to the touch. When watering, drench the soil completely in running water, allow the water to drain.

Christmas Cactus

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