Succulents are great plants to have in your collection as they are super easy to look after, practically thriving on periods of neglect. This little crassula variety has wonderful long, evergreen leaves. As it is native to desert conditions, it loves a light and sunny spot on a windowsill and prefers very infrequent watering.

Comes in a 9cm pot.


How to care for your Crassula

Native habitat

Crassula is native to South Africa.

Light and position in the home

Crassula is happiest on a bright windowsill. An ideal location for it receives sunlight in the morning and late afternoon, but no direct sunlight in the early- and mid-afternoon when the sun's rays are the strongest; particularly during the summer


Like all succulents, Crassula prefers desert conditions so it is very important not to overwater it. Provide moderate amounts of water especially in warm weather but make sure you let the soil dry out completely before you water again.


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