String of beads

Senecio herreianus

Senecio herreianus is one of the more recent additions to our plant boutique, and has gone straight to the top of the 'most popular plants' leaderboard. It's a beautiful cascading succulent that will be a highlight of your plant collection. And as one of the lowest maintenance trailing plants around, it'll feel like a cheat plant.

String of pearls really enjoy bright, indirect sunlight and warm temperatures. They come from the desert, and thrive on low water levels. The easiest way to kill this plant will be to water it more than it needs. On arrival in your home, we recommend you don't water it at all until it's had chance to settle in in your home for a good couple of weeks at least.  

Comes in a 12cm pot

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St. Lucia planter (13.5cm)
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How to care for your String of beads

Native habitat

String of beads is a succulent vine native to the drier landscapes of southwest South Africa, where the stems trail along the ground, rooting where they grow and forming dense mats!

Light and position in the home

Bright indirect sunlight works best for most succulents, ideally place near a window for maximum light year round! This plant's trailing stems look great in a hanging basket.


Senecio adapts to drought by storing water in its bead shaped leaves, they don't like being overwatered so allow the soil to dry out between watering and never let them sit in water.

String of beads

Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Senecio herreianus



Plant Type

Trailing succulent

Pet Safe




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