Nordmann Fir Premium Pot Grown Christmas Tree

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Meet our beautiful living Christmas trees!
🎄 Christmas trees will be delivered from 23rd November 2021 onwards. 
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and there’s something so special about a real Christmas tree filling your home with its beautiful piney scents. 

The Nordmann Fir is known as the King of Christmas trees; it's the most popular Christmas tree species in Europe. Nordmann Fir has soft needles and an even shape with strong branches - perfect for holding all your favourite decorations! The foliage is glossy and a rich, deep green. By keeping your tree watered and away from heat sources like radiators, it will keep its needles and look great throughout the festive season.
Available in three different sizes from a smaller 60-80cm tree to a large 100-125cm tree so you can choose the perfect tree for your home this holiday season! The height includes the pot.
After it's fulfilled its duty as a Christmas tree this year, you can either plant the tree out in the garden, or (if you want to bring it indoors again next year) grow it on in a container, moving it into a bigger pot annually until you reach the maximum size that can be moved comfortably.
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