Venus Fly Trap

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Carnivorous | pet friendly | direct sunlight

Comes in 8.5cm nursery pot | Fits 11cm decorative pot

Probably the most well-known and recognisable of the carnivorous plants, the Venus Fly Trap is a little marvel. It was famously described by Charles Darwin as "one of the most wonderful in the world" and once you’ve witnessed a healthy trap snapping shut on an insect, it’s hard to disagree.

Native to North and South Carolina, Venus Fly Trap surprisingly adaptable, and its vivid red and green looks literally kill.

VFT’s need direct sunlight for healthy growth so choose a bright sunny windowsill (preferably south facing). They’ll also be really happy in a pot as a houseplant but can also be placed in a terrarium and often appreciates the higher humidity of the enclosed environment.

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