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pet friendly | flowering plant

Fits 14cm planter

Ah, the gorgeous, tropical-looking hibiscus. With flowers nearly the size of your hand, they're a reason to feel good about being alive. They can't fail to lift the spirits, with their outrageously bright and bold flowers, which they produce prolifically whenever they can catch themselves some rays. It's ideal as a summer flowering houseplant that loves a sunny spot but has beautiful foliage year-round. These are one of the most rewarding and easy-care flowering houseplants around. At Lazy Flora, we love this plant so much, we even made it our logo. 

This hibiscus is even hardy to -5 degrees Celsius, so can also be grown outside, but you will need to move it indoors as the temperature falls in autumn, otherwise, you should protect it from the cold by wrapping it with a protective covering throughout the winter until the danger of frost has passed. 

Our hibiscus plants come in pink and yellow. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to give you the option to choose a particular colour.

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