Blue-Grey Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit | Edible plant


Mushrooms are some the most rewarding edible plants to grow because they grow super quickly! This mushroom kit can provide up to 1.5kg mushrooms in 3-5 harvests in just 3 weeks. We've partnered with the amazing Urban Farm-It to bring you this mushroom growing kit.

Oyster mushrooms are edible fungi that are popular the world over for their versatility and productivity. They have large caps and a delicious meaty texture as well as a flavour that stands out. 

Each kit includes: 

  • In-depth, easy to follow growing instructions and advice
  • XL Grow substrate
  • Grow environment
  • High-Quality Mushroom Grain Spawn

Please note: There's a really important additional step you'll need to look out for before you can start growing mushrooms. When you receive your kit from Lazy Flora, you'll find a QR code in the box that you'll need to scan in order to get your mushroom spawn delivered. You'll need to be certain that you will be able to plant up within 24 hours of the spawn arriving.

Mushroom spawn is really delicate and needs to be planted up within 24 hours of arrival. We aren't messing around when we say that - waiting until the weekend just won't cut it, so make sure you scan the code when you're ready to plant up within 2 days.

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How to care for your Blue-Grey Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit | Edible plant

Blue-Grey Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit | Edible plant
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