Passion Flower 'Marijke'

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indoor AND outdoor plant | flowering plant | prefers direct sunlight

Comes in 13cm hooped vining pot

Passion flowers are some of the most spectacular looking flowers around. They add a tropical feel to any space and are an instant talking point. What 'marijke' has as a bonus is an amazing fragrance that we predict will become one of your memories of this summer. 

As an outdoor plant, Passiflora 'marijke' is a perennial in the UK, but needs to be kept out of frost and snow during winter (down to a minimum of 5/6degrees Celcius).

If all of that sounds like a bit of a hassle, you'll be pleased to know it also makes an excellent houseplant, and given the right conditions, will actually flower almost continually throughout the year. So if you have a sunny windowsill and a love for huge showy flowers, this might be one for you.

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