Alocasia Black Velvet

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Rare plant | toxic to pets | patterned leaves

Comes in a 12cm pot, the plant is approx 25cm tall

Scientific name: alocasia reginula

This dark and mysterious plant should definitely be at the top of your wishlist! It's a small plant with big heart-shaped leaves. The leaves on the Alocasia Black Velvet are arguably the most striking of all the Alocasia species, so dark they are almost black, with silvery/pale veins which contrast beautifully against their velvety, dark background. They are pretty spectacular and will stand out amongst the rest of your plant collection.

It can be a bit more particular about its environment than some other houseplants, but with the right light and watering regime, this plant will be the queen of your collection - and is so worth the extra effort!

The Alocasia Black Velvet likes bright but indirect light. Place in a sunny room (north or east facing is best), but a good distance from the window to avoid sunburn.

This plant is toxic to pets.

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