Alocasia Pink Dragon

Alocasia calidora


 We feel really lucky to be able to deliver this plant to your door as Alocasia calidora is pretty rare!

This Pink Dragon is considered rare and hard to find because its broad leaves and deep veins made it highly desirable. As if that wasn't enough the undersides of Alocasia's leaves are a beautiful burgundy, and the stems show in lovely shades of pink!

As with many rare find, this plant can be a little bit of a diva. However, under the right conditions, it can grow big, with leaves reaching up to 50cm and stems getting to around 1.2m. If you feel generous you could propagate this plant and gift this rare find to friends or just grow another for yourself!

Comes in a 17cm pot

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How to care for your Alocasia Pink Dragon

Native habitat

Alocasia calidora is native the subtropical regions of Asia and East Australia.

Light and position in the home

Alocasia prefers bright light, rather than direct sunlight. Direct sun exposure is a no-no. The leaves are prone to getting sunburnt

Watering and humidity

These are water-loving plants, so you can water them frequently. Coming from a tropical environment, Alocasias really appreciate efforts to ramp up the humidity. Don't let it go dry for too long at all - it doesn't appreciate a drought.

Alocasia Pink Dragon

Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Alocasia calidora



Plant Type

Tropical houseplant

Pet Safe




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