Emerald Tree

Radermachera sinica


The Radermachera was introduced and popularised as a house plant during the 1980s. Since then it has been sought after for its tolerance to the warm, dry air of heated homes. Making it an ideal plant for most homeowners in colder climates. The abundant, emerald-green leaves will add a touch of tropical to your home, year-round!

The foliage of Radermachera is medium to dark green and glossy. The dainty leaves divide into separate leaflets, you'll be lucky to see the highly fragrant white blooms on this plant as it rarely blooms in the home!

Comes in a 13cm pot

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St. Lucia planter (13.5cm) - Mint
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St. Lucia planter (13.5cm) - Light Grey
St. Lucia planter (13.5cm) - Dark Grey
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How to care for your Emerald Tree

Native habitat

Radermachera is native to the subtropical forests of southeast Asia.

Light and position in the home

These plants are best kept in a bright position at home, it requires at least 4-5 hours of sun per day.


Keep a consistent watering regime with your Radermachera, keep the soil moist but never allow the roots to sit in water. Check the top inch of the soil before feeding. The leaves may turn brittle if it is not getting enough water. Black coloured leaf tips indicates overwatering.

Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Radermachera sinica



Plant Type

Evergreen bonsai tree

Pet Safe




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