Lipstick Plant 'Twister'

Aeschynanthus pulcher


The Lipstick plant looks tropical and unique. The weather is starting to warm now, which means you're going to get the absolute best out of this plant as it starts and continues to bloom in beautiful shades of red all summer.

It's also fairly easy to care for once you've struck the right balance of light and water - it's a lot of stunning plant for not a lot of hard work, which is what we love at Lazy Flora!

Comes in a 12cm pot.

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How to care for your Lipstick Plant 'Twister'

Native habitat

Lipstick plant is native to the tropical and humid rainforests of Southeast Asia.

Light and position in the home

Not too much and not too little is the key here. A bright spot not in full sun or full shade is ideal and a hanging basket is a particularly good pot for the cascading Aeschynanthus , or a window sill or ledge where it can hang and trail.


The Lipstick plant prefers to be a little on the dryer side. Water moderately and sparingly and be sure not to soak the soil. It also likes it a little on the humid side.

Lipstick Plant 'Twister'

Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Aeschynanthus pulcher



Plant Type

Flowering evergreen perennial

Pet Safe




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