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Essentials Ideal for indoor and outdoor planting | Organic 

Natural Grower Soil Conditioner is the perfect, environmentally responsible way to give your houseplants and garden plants the nutrients they need to thrive.

Natural Grower products are approved organic, completely natural, and vegan friendly.

This plant feed/soil conditioner is a mulch that's designed to be dug into the soil before planting. It is broken down gradually by organisms in the soil as a long-term, slow release fertiliser.

100% plant-based and peat free, Natural Grower is approved by the Soil Association. It is a by-product of a renewable energy plant which produces energy for the national grid, so it's a no-waste process.

It is eco-friendly, chemical free and safe for all wildlife.

Natural Grower's top tips for anyone with pets:

'The conditioner is a mulch, so mixes in with the soil easily, so if [you] have concerns about the mulch [you] can mix it in to the top 10cm of the soil rather than using it as a surface mulch, to deter the dogs from being attracted to it.

There isnt anything toxic in it, it can just be a bit rich for them and maybe upset their tummy if they consume large amounts of it. Similar to eating horse manure!'

- Charlotte, Founder of Natural Grower.

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