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patterned leaves | high humidity | pet friendly

Fittonia Mosaic White Tiger | Fits 10cm pot

Add a little tropical to your home with your new Fittonia, an easy growing rainforest dweller also known as the Nerve plant because of the veiny pattern on its leaves - which really make it stand apart from the usual shiny green of many indoor plants. 

Fittonia does bloom but not as a houseplant - not that you’ll miss it with leaves as unique as these! It’s also super robust, making it a must have for any collection.

Fittonia native to the rainforest floors in Peru and South America, where direct sun is blocked by the many leaves and plants above, but there is still plenty of bright, indirect light, so a North-facing window is ideal for this plant. Water when the top layer of soil has dried out, but don't leave it too long. Fittonia also needs plenty of humidity.

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