ACHILLEA millefolium Desert Eve Yellow Perennial Plant


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With delicate clumps of small yellow flowers with darker yellow centres growing on upright stems, this colourful, hardy perennial will bring subtle colour to your garden throughout late summer. At the base of each stem, sword-like foliage creates a dense green background for the cloudlike flowers, creating a wonderful, dotted display for your garden. This plant will attract pollinators and wildlife into your garden, bringing your outdoor space to life and helping your other flowers grow.

How to grow achillea plants
Preferring sun throughout the day, this Achillea is best planted towards the front or middle of your border in well-drained soil that is regularly watered. Its hardy nature makes it an ideal choice for gravel or rock gardens. Avoid fertilizing as it may cause damage to the roots. When the flowers brown and die off, cut back the whole stem to promote new growth.

How tall do Achillea grow?
Overall growth can depend on location, but these plants thrive in most conditions; most varieties can grow to between 2 and 4 feet. To get the most growth out of your plant, space them 1 to 2 feet apart to let this fast-growing perennial spread.
This ACHILLEA millefolium Desert Eve Yellow comes in a 9cm Pot