Boston Fern

Nephrolepis exaltata 'Bostoniensis'



We're excited to be able to deliver one of the best air-purifying plants around! The Boston Fern featured in a 1989 study by NASA and was shown to be highly effective at removing certain harmful chemicals from the air, in particular formaldehyde.

Ferns have been a real education for me. They can be tricky houseplants to keep. They tend to require more watering. It will tell you very quickly if it is unhappy, but will also respond quickly to any changes to make to improve its condition.


Comes in a 12cm pot


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How to care for your Boston Fern

Native habitat

Florida, West Indies, Mexico, Central and South America, and Africa. It's 'pantropical', meaning it grows well in tropical environments worldwide.

Light and position in the home

This plant has different light requirements at different times of year. During the spring and summer, it needs a shady location. A north_x0002_facing window is ideal. During autumn and winter, it needs more light, and will benefit from at least a couple of hours' direct sunlight per day. At all times of year, it will not tolerate full sun or total shade.

Watering and humidity

Boston Fern thrives on humidity and likes slightly moist soil. It does not like dry conditions. You will probably find you need to water this plant more often than many of the other plants you have received from Lazy Flora. If humidity is low, the leaves may start to turn yellow.

Boston Fern

Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Nephrolepis exaltata 'Bostoniensis'



Plant Type


Pet Safe




Plant killers: we got you

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Claire, Lazy Flora Founder