Ponytail palm

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Pet friendly | full sun

Fits 14cm pot

Scientific name: Beaucarnea recurvata

The Ponytail Palm, also known as the Nolina, is an incredibly distinctive-looking houseplant with endearing qualities. It’s also quite low maintenance - bonus! Ponytail palm has a thick brown stem at its base, which is uses to store water. And its stunning long narrow curly, dark green leaves flow up from the base like a plume of water in a fountain - or a swishy ponytail, get it?

But, don’t let the name mislead you: ponytail palms aren’t actually palms at all, and are more closely related to lilies. But need the kind of care you’d give a cactus or succulent… confusing, huh?

Your new plant will thrive on a warm, sunny south-facing windowsill, or anywhere with direct sunlight and let the soil dry out in between waterings.

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