Pet friendly plant bundle


What you get

  • 4 beautiful, pet friendly houseplants. These may include Calathea, Asplenium, Bromeliad, Fittonia and Spider plant. 
  • Plants will come in 9-13cm diameter pots, and will be up to 40cm high.
  • Information care cards for each plant.
  • Choose whether you want a planter included with your plants. If you select 'Plant pots included', we will deliver a basic decorative planter along with each of the four plants in your collection.
  • Delivery within the UK mainland.

What you need to know before you buy

  • Our pet-friendly plant bundle includes a selection of the best, brightest and most beautiful indoor plants that we can get our hands on.
  • Please note that the images here are indicative of the kind of plants you will receive and not a guarantee of the types or colours that will be delivered. Lazy Flora works with Mother Nature, the weather, and the best suppliers in Europe to bring you the most amazing plants available each month, at the best possible value.



Planter included