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Tillandsia ionantha


Air plants are fascinating little things and don’t need earth or water to thrive. Tillandsia are epiphytes, which means they grow on other plants (i.e. trees) instead of growing in soil in the ground. They absorb water and nutrients from the surrounding atmosphere, through their leaves and not through their roots.

Tillandsia are part of the Bromeliaceae family, the same family as the pineapple!

This mini plant does not come in a nursery pot and a planter is not included, diameter is 5cm on arrival. You will receive one plant. 

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Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Tillandsia ionantha



Plant Type

Air plant

Pet Safe




How to care for your Air plant (mini) | Houseplant

Native habitat

Native to Central America

Light and position in the home

Your airplant will enjoy bright, but indirect light and dappled shade. Direct sun can burn their leaves.

Watering and humidity

Spray your potted airplant, or bathe if unpotted, 1-2 times per week in the summer. If bathing, place in a bowl/sink of tepid water for 15-30 mins and shake off excess. Tillandsias absorb water through their leaves rather than their roots, therefore it isn't necessary to water the potting mix. Keep slightly under-hydrated to accentuate the curls. Reduce watering in winter.

Air plant (mini) |  Houseplant
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