ZZ plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

The ZZ plant should be everyone's first plant. It is one of the hardiest plants around and as such, you'll often find it in offices and other low-light areas. It doesn't require much water but thrives best when the soil is not allowed to completely dry out.

This is our smaller ZZ plant and fits in a 14cm planter.

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Cape Town planter
Mystery Pot (14cm)

How to care for your ZZ plant

Native habitat

Native to eastern Africa down to northeastern South Africa.

Light and position in the home

Your ZZ plant can tolerate lower light levels but will do best in bright, indirect light.


Allow the soil to dry out a little before watering. Your ZZ plant is slightly drought tolerant but will quickly deteriorate if overwatered. Excessive yellowing/browning of the leaves is sometimes an early indicator of overwatering.

ZZ plant

Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Zamioculcas zamiifolia



Plant Type

Tropical perennial

Pet Safe




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