Seasonal outdoor plant subscription, pay monthly

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What you will receive
  • One box delivered every THREE MONTHS. That's one for every season.
  • Beautiful, low maintenance, premium quality plants, curated by our in-house team.
  • Plant identification information, plant care guide, and planting up guide.
  • Express courier delivery within the UK mainland, Tuesday-Thursday.


  • plant pots are 9-10.5cm diameter
  • plants up to 30cm high 

What you need to know before you sign up

  • This subscription is shipped once every THREE MONTHS. You will not receive a delivery every month.
  • We ship your first delivery of plants out to you at the first available opportunity after you have signed up. For this reason, there is a minimum commitment of three months for a subscription, and cancellation is in three-month intervals. We offer this low-payment option because our customers appreciate the low monthly payment, but we need three months to cover our costs for each delivery. The risk is low for you because we deliver at the start of the three-month interval, but we hope you understand why we have to do this. 

    30-day plant guarantee

    We're so confident in the quality of our plants that we will replace or refund any plants that don't make it past the first 30 days in your home.

    Delivery information

    We deliver your plants as soon as you sign up and usually need just 48 hours to ship your order to you. Delivery days are Tuesday-Thursday, or Wednesday-Thursday on bank holiday weeks. 

    After your first delivery, shipments will be shipped the second Monday of the calendar months when you are scheduled to receive a delivery. We will notify you when we are about to ship out a delivery, and you can check our shipping schedule. Use your Lazy Flora account to skip a month if you are planning to be away, or drop us a line at if you prefer a different delivery date to the one listed.

    My personal guarantee to you

    My name is Claire, and I'm the founder of Lazy Flora. As a lover of beauty and nature, and a huge fan of subscription boxes, I started this business from my balcony in 2017. Lazy Flora is truly a passion project, and I want you to love what we do as much as I do. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your Lazy Flora delivery, please let me know and I will always make it right. My email is

    Claire Ransom, Lazy Flora Founder


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