Desert Candle Cactus

Euphorbia ingens variegata


This delightful and rare piece of eye candy is a highly sought after Euphorbia with a soft and creamy pale green variegation which has a beautiful marble effect. It'll look wonderful as a sculptural, stand alone specimen or mixed with your dark green plant collection to evoke interest and charm. It will make a fantastic addition to a cacti and succulent collection and will bring a desert charm to your home. Despite its look and common name, this plant is actually a succulent and not a cactus.

Also known as: Ghost Cactus

Comes in a 17cm pot


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Caracas planter
Edinburgh planter
Lapland planter
St. Lucia planter (18.5cm)
Mystery Pot (18cm)

How to care for your Desert Candle Cactus

Native habitat

Native to South and West Africa.

Light and position in the home

This plant is tolerant to drought and only needs watering when the soil is 100% dry. During the winter months it will only require light watering every four weeks or so.


Euphorbia ingens will be happiest in full sun and can tolerate the brightest of windowsills.

Desert Candle Cactus

Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Euphorbia ingens variegata



Plant Type


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