Manjula Pothos 'Happy Leaf'

Epipremnum pinnatum Happy Leaf

Meet the wonderful Epipremnum pinnatum 'Happy Leaf', more commonly known as Manjula Pothos or Pothos 'Happy Leaf'! The real beauty of this plant can be seen in its marbled leaves. It is the most variegated of all Epipremnums, making it a highly attractive and sought after plant.

Its gorgeous creamy, white marbled leaves will look stunning trailing down your favourite book shelf or you could encourage it to climb by using a stake or moss pole. 

Comes in a 12cm pot.

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How to care for your Manjula Pothos 'Happy Leaf'

Native habitat

Native to the rainforests of India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indochina, through to Malesia, Tropical Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Light and position in the home

The Pothos 'Happy Leaf' can tolerate almost any light conditions. For best results provide it with bright indirect light. Paler leaves indicate too much light, loss of variegation indicates not enough. A south or west facing window would be best.


Allow the soil to dry out before watering your Pothos 'Happy Leaf'. It is fairly drought tolerant and will respond better to under rather than over watering, the latter causing the roots to rot.

Manjula Pothos 'Happy Leaf'

Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Epipremnum pinnatum Happy Leaf



Plant Type

Tropical vine

Pet Safe




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