Plant Chat with Lazy Flora

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I'd love to introduce you to Plant Chat with Lazy Flora.

Plant Chat is a community we're building where you can come and get inspiration, seek expert plant help, and improve your knowledge of plants of all types.

You don't have to be a Lazy Flora customer to be a member of the group, and it's absolutely free to join - we want it to be a genuinely useful and valuable space where anyone can come and ask questions to further their plant knowledge, or gain inspiration.

You might like this group if:

  • You feel a bit intimidated by other gardening groups because you don't feel you know enough about plants to contribute.
  • You want to improve your plant knowledge.
  • You want to share your successes and frustrations with a supportive and encouraging crowd.
  • Or perhaps your friends and family are just sick of you talking about plants and you want to spend time with likeminded people.
  • You'd like to get to know the team behind this business and see more of the behind the scenes.
This group is for everyone, no matter your skill or knowledge level. 
I'll be hanging out in the group, so if you've ever wondered what my balcony garden looks like as the Lazy Flora Founder, this is your chance (reality check: it isn't all pretty!). Other members of my team including Laura, Kerry, Sophia, Steph, Sarah and Monika hang out in there as well.
Click on the link to join Plant Chat today and say hello! 

Claire and the Lazy Flora team.