70 - 95cm Philodendron Red Beauty 27cm Pot House Plant



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This Philodendron is a large house plant with deep glossy green leaves that grow on thick light purple stems to bring a space filling display into you home It's air purifying leaves grow out in all directions making this tropical house plant ideal to fill space Easy to look after, and with a stunning, elegant silhouette, this tropical indoor plant Is best placed in a partially shaded area of you home This plant requires only light watering in order to keep the soil moist though we do recommend regular misting of the leaves These plants enjoy humidity, so they are the perfect house plant for the bathroom or conservatory where they will quickly become a central feature Beacause this is an air-purifying plant it would make an ideal addition to the office as it impoves not only the look, but also the atmosphere of a space

  • Our plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any decorative pots or props are not included.
  • This plant is not for consumption

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