10kg Marfona Seed Potatoes Second Early


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These short, oval shaped potatoes have a smooth texture that is ideal for mashing, frying or boiling. When baked the flesh goes crisp and golden, making for a fantastic and unrivalled Dauphinoise. Their golden-brown skin and silky taste combined with their ease to grow make them a kitchen gardeners dream.

These potatoes are harvested in July and August. They should be planted around the end of March and take around 14-16 weeks to mature. They are ideal to plant in grow bags or containers. These potatoes will have a softer texture and are great in salads. Varieties include ‘Charlotte’, ‘Maris Peer’ and ‘Ratte. Slightly larger and with a waxier texture than first early potatoes they are great for salads and cold dishes.

Potatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow at home and one seed potato can produce a large harvest (around 10 kg per 3m row). In a sunny space with well-draining soil, dig straight trenches about 12cm (4") deep 60cm (23") apart. Place your seed potatoes in the trench with 30cm (11") space between each then cover with the soil from the trench. Water well to help the potatoes establish and then regularly to keep the soil moist. Soon they produce green shoots, when the shoots are about 20cm (7") tall, use a rake, hoe or spade to pile soil around the shoots about halfway.

When the plants begin flowering in July and August you should be ready to harvest the potato. Gently put your hand in the soil feel the potatoes, if they are about the size of a chicken egg, they are ready to harvest. Cut the potato plant to ground level then gently lift the plants out with a fork. These plants do not store well so only harvest when you want to eat them

  • Grown in Scotland
  • Tuber size 35mm - 60mm

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