20 - 30cm Alocasia Zebrina Variegated Elephant Ear Variegata 12cm Pot


These plants are kept at a specialist nursery. Once ordered, we will collect the plants and bring them to our houseplant nursery for packing. Please allow an extra week for this process.

If you want a houseplant that brings colour, texture, and style into your home with this wonderful Alocasia. This rare houseplant is a must have for houseplant lovers that offers something for everyone. The heart-shaped foliage is unique to each plant and displays a wonderful mix of dark green and cream colours that run in and out of each other like paint. Some leaves will have an even mix, some will be split in half by the colours and some will carry a mostly green colouring. This makes every new leaf an exciting experience and creates a display that will be constantly changing as new foliage grows and replaces older leaves.

The stems of this plant are also a fantastic decorative feature, they are slender and graceful curve outwards to create a fountain-like display that gives them the ideal opportunity to show off their white and black spotted colour. When this unique stem pattern underpins and accentuates the foliage and brings a modern look into the space.

Where should I put my Alocasia?

This Alocasia will thrive in a space that receives bright, but indirect light. Try to avoid a full sun location as this plant is more susceptible to sunburn. Your chosen space should also have some protection from cold draughts or rapid temperature changes.

20 - 30cm Alocasia Zebrina Variegated Elephant Ear Variegata 12cm Pot Potted Houseplants