20 - 30cm Monstera Adansonii White Variegated 15cm Pot House Plant



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The Monstera Adansonii is an impressive tropical houseplant who’s heart-shaped leaves bear unique variegation of either white splashes, blocks of white or 'half moon'. The effect is a broad, contemporary display that would look great in an office or other formal space. The leaves are broken up by irregular oval holes that give it the name, ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’.

More about your Monstera plant

The Monstera is a species of evergreen tropical plants native to Central America One of the most popular houseplant varieties, this genus is famous for the holes that form in their leaves that give them the nickname ‘swiss cheese plant’ The best known varieties of this plant are the Monstera deliciosa and Monstera adansonii These plants are capable of growing small fruits but this is a rare occurrence that only happens is very certain conditions

How to grow monstera plants

This monstera is happiest in bright light, but its leaves will burn with direct exposure so is suitable for any room if it is not in a windowsill Water once a week to keep the soil moist and mist the leaves lightly every three days to keep them maintain their deep colours

Please note, this plant is toxic so keep out of reach of young children and pets

  • Our plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any decorative pots or props are not included.
  • This plant is not for consumption

20 - 30cm Monstera Adansonii White Variegated 15cm Pot House Plant House Plant