20 - 30cm Monstera Standleyana Variegated 12cm Pot


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The Monstera Standleyana is a rare monstera houseplant that combines a climbing habit with unique foliage. The decorative evergreen monstera is native to Central America and has adapted to a specific, tropical environment that you can easily replicate in your home. This decorative flowering houseplant has almost philodendron shaped, oval leaves that each have a unique mix of dark green and white variegation that ranges from a half and half split to a more brush stroke, mixed pattern. The leaf stem is also a unique shape, being a more butterfly shape than you would see on other monstera plants.

Where to put your Monstera?

This monstera thrives in bright, but indirect sunlight, but will prefer the shadier end of this spectrum. Keep the plant out of cold draughts and areas of a room that are susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

How often should I water my monstera?

This monstera should be watered deeply and often enough to stop the soil being completely dry for too long. In the hot months of the year you should be watering this quick growing plant about two to three times a week, letting the top layers of soil dry out between waterings. Adjust this schedule as appropriate. Make sure your chosen pot has enough drainage holes in the bottom so the roots aren't sitting in too much water that may cause them to rot.

Is this a climbing Monstera?

Yes, the Monstera Standleyana is a climbing house plant., but it’s attractive leaves will also trail if you let them. Give your plant a moss pole or wire to train it into a fantastic climbing plant that will create a unique and fantastic space filling display that will wow guests to your home. If you plant your monstera in a hanging or tall plant pot it will instead trail down the side of the container to create a cascading display that adds vertical interest to the space that displays this plants beautiful foliage off at its fullest.

20 - 30cm Monstera Standleyana Variegated 12cm Pot Potted Houseplants