No.1 20 - 30cm Strelitzia Variegated Bird of Paradise Variegata 12cm Pot


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This is your opportunity to add a beautiful and rare houseplant to your home collection. The Strelitzia or bird of paradise plant is an architectural and colourful addition to your collection that adds a contemporary, yet colourful display to the home. The huge, glossy green leaves of this plant are long, rounded and have an oar-like shape. Each leaf if textured with shallow, ribbed lines that run across the length of the foliage, creating texture, and playing with the light to create a stunning display. This rare, variegated Strelitzia has impressive leaves that mix a glossy green colour with yellow-cream brushstrokes that mix with the green like paint.

The true wonder of this plant comes from the fascinating ornamental flowers that look like a bird of paradise elegantly diving towards the centre of the plant. These flowers display bright orange, luminous blues, and pale greens to create a natural display that can rival any artwork.

Where should I put my Strelitzia?

The Strelitzia plant grows best in warm, humid environments like a conservatory or kitchen. Make sure that you place plant in a suitable pace that receives bright, but indirect light throughout the day. This tropical houseplant needs to be kept away from cold droughts or areas of the home where the temperature fluctuates. Make sure that your chosen pot has good drainage to help maintain soil moisture and stop the plant suffering from root rot.

How often should I water my Strelitzia?

Strelitzia plants come from tropical areas that have a regular cycle of dry and wet weather. To adapt to this, the plant will go dormant quickly if you do not maintain consistent watering. Water your bird of paradise plant regularly to maintain consistent moisture without water logging the soil. Test the soil with your finger and only water when the top few centimetres of the soil are dry. Lessen how much you water appropriately and you will have a happy and healthy plant.

Do I need to prune bird of paradise plants?

You do not need to prune a Strelitzia plant. You may have to tidy up the plant sometimes when leaves become spent. You can do this by cutting the leaf back to the stem with sharp, clean secateurs of scissors.

No.1 20 - 30cm Strelitzia Variegated Bird of Paradise Variegata 12cm Pot Potted Houseplants