40 - 50cm Zamioculcas Zamifolia 14cm Pot House Plant



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This tall houseplant boasts rows of neatly rounded glossy leaves that grow on stems to produce a contemporary display of lush greenery that would suit any modern interior. This Zamioculcas is an easy to look after indoor plant that prefers bright, but indirect light, but will tolerate anything if there is some light exposure. Allow the soil to dry out between watering and always lean of the side of less watering as too much moisture may rot the roots and flowers leaves. For the best results, prune any yellowing leaves as soon as you can to encourage new growth, and aim to repot at the beginning of spring for the first 3-5 years when it achieves most of its growth.

  • Our plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any decorative pots or props are not included.
  • This plant is not for consumption

40 - 50cm Zamioculcas Zamifolia 14cm Pot House Plant House Plant