45 - 55cm Euphorbia Marmorata 17cm Pot House Plant



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Sometimes called the ‘coral cactus’, this easy to look after house plant will be a unique addition to any room of the home. Producing a single cactus-like spike of pale-green colour, this perennial is a real showstopper that will impress any guests. Commonly called a 'Spurge', the Euphorbia is a genus of flowering perennials native to the deserts of South Africa and Madagascar. Distinctive for its succulent like foliage and uniquely shaped flowers, this species produces some interesting shape and colour combinations that add colour and texture that will enhance any colour or design scheme.

How to grow Euphorbia plants at home.

Place your euphorbia in a partially shaded area that is away from any cold draughts. This plant will react to changes in light and temperature, even inside, so in the end of summer cut back the plant slightly to promote new growth in the spring.

Is Euphorbia toxic?

Yes, the sap of the Euphorbia is considered “poisonous” and a “skin and eye irritant” by the Royal Horticultural Society, but if properly handled doesn't pose much of a danger Make sure you keep away from small children and pets, and wear gloves and eye protection when handling If some of the sap does get on your skin wash the area immediately with soap and water

Can you divide Euphorbia?

Euphorbia can be propagated from root cuttings which you should place in water for a while to drain off the milky sap so it doesn't seal off the stem You can also lift and divide the mother plant and replant

45 - 55cm Euphorbia Marmorata 17cm Pot Houseplants