50cm Grape Vine Phoenix White 19cm Pot


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This hardy climbing grape would be a stunning visual and edible addition to your garden, bringing a Mediterranean feel to your garden. This vibrant plant produces woody stems covered in serrated, ovular leaves, bringing light and texture to a space. In the summer, the plant will begin to produce large bunches of green grapes with a sweet taste and flavour.

How to care for Phoenix White grapes
Plant in a sunny location with well-draining soil that has some protection from cold, strong winds. Supply a stake or climbing trellis to support the plant as it grows in the summer. Water regularly in the warmer months. to keep the soil moist but not wet. This is a drought-resistant variety that can survive some underwatering. Remove the grapes as soon as they are ripe and cut the plant back slightly in autumn, ready for winter ad renewed growth in the following year.