55 - 65cm Epipremnum Cebu Blue Pothos 15cm Pot House Plant



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The Cebu Blue Pothos, or Epipremnum Pinnatum, is one of the more unique Pothos plants due to its distinct look. It features long, narrow leaves that are a darker green than others in the species. You will also be able to see a blue hue in the leaves too which is where the plant gets its name from. The Cebu Blue Pothos thrives in bright, indirect light but it can also tolerate medium and low light conditions too. You may notice that the plant will not grow as quickly when left in lower light conditions. In terms of watering, this is a fairly low maintenance plant but you will need to keep the soil fairly moist and avoid allowing it to dry out.

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55 - 65cm Epipremnum Cebu Blue Pothos 17cm Pot House Plant House Plant