55cm Blueberry Plant Vaccinium Corymbosum Perennial Outdoor Plant 19cm Pot


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A common sight in the British countryside, the blueberry is as symbolic to the traditional country lifestyle as the jams and pies it makes. The deciduous, bushy foliage forms a tall bush that is both space-filling and attractive to pollinators and birds. In the spring, this plant produces delicate white flowers that turn into delicious berries in summer. In the autumn, the green leaves turn a rich orange-red before falling. This bush has something to offer in every season.

Where should I put my blueberry bush?

Plant your blueberry bush in well-draining acidic, loam soil that receives full or partial sun. You can plant directly into the front or middle of a border or in a container if you want more options in placement. Make sure you choose a location sheltered from strong, cold winds.

How often should I water my blueberry bush?

Keep the soil moist but not wet, and don't allow it to dry out between waterings. It is best to water your blueberry bush with rainwater instead of tap water, so installing a water butt would be helpful.

When should I prune my blueberry bush?

You will rarely need to prune your blueberry bush in the first two years, but keep an eye on crossing or out of place branches. You should keep your pruning to when the plant is dormant (November to March), but ideally in late February to early March.

Do I need a pollination partner for my blueberry bush?

The blueberry will not always self pollinate so it is recommended that you buy them in pairs. Doing this will result in healthier plants that produce bigger and better-tasting fruit.

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