65cm Clematis Armandii 15cm Pot


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Closely related to the buttercup, the Clematis is a colourful and popular plant known for its star-like flowers that come in various colours. A compact climber, this plant is well suited for a sunny border Chinese and Japanese natives. These plants are called 'traveller's joy', 'virgin's bower' and 'old man's beard.'

How to grow Clematis

Plant in a space with full sun or dappled shade with well-draining soil and protection from strong winds. Support young plants with plant support when young and water regularly until established. To train your plant, provide something to twine around, like a trellis or mesh attached to a wall or fence. Feed once in late winter or early spring with a potassium-rich fertilizer. Cut back all stems to 15-30 cm from ground level, cutting just above a bud and prune in February or March after planting. Pinch off buds early to encourage new growth.

How fast does Clematis grow?

This will depend on the variety, but a clematis may grow between 2 and 20 feet per year so please check before purchasing.