Achillea New Vintage White 3ltr


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The Achilleas, or yarrow, is a traditional border perennial that is prized for feathery foliage. Producing fantastic flat-topped flowers that create a carpet of colour throughout the summer this is a wonderful way to add large backgrounds of colour into your space to really underpin a colour scheme. In modern garden design, the Achilleas is used as the base for a wildlife garden or perennial bed that will attract an abundance of pollinators into your space which helps your entire garden to thrive.

Where to plant Achilleas

The perfect spot for an achilleas plant is a well-draining soil that receives full or partial sun throughout the day. This is a rather hardy perennial and will tolerate most soil types if it has good drainage. As a border perennial, the Achilleas is particularly effective in the middle of a border, it is also a great plant for gravel gardens.

How to grow Achilleas plants.

The Achillea is an easy to look after perennial that will thrive if it’s basic needs are met. Water well throughout the summer to keep the water moist and add some liquid fertilizer to the water once a month to help ensure strong growth and vibrant blooms. Cut back the foliage in the spring and deadhead the flowers throughout the summer as soon as you see them beginning to fade.

These clump-forming perennials are relatively slow-growing but will need dividing every three to five years to keep the plant healthy.

Achillea New Vintage White 3ltr Perennial Plants