Actaea sim Pink Spike 3ltr


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The Actaea is a herbaceous perennial that is known for its compact light-green foliage that forms a bed under long stems, topped with small, white flowers. As the year goes on the flowers will give way to small red, black or white berries that will attract birds into the garden. The soft look of these plants is ideal for a cottage or informal garden, flower border or wild garden.

Where to plant Actaea plants.

Choose a clay or loam soil that is well-draining and receives partial shade throughout the day. However, this plant will thrive in most soil types if it is well draining as if your chosen location should be sheltered from cold, strong winds.

How to grow Actaea plants

This clump forming perennial is an easy to look after plant that will thrive if its basic needs are looked after. Water well to keep the soil moist, but not wet to ensure consistent and stable growth. When the plant is in flower, enrich the soil with plenty of organic matter to promote more blooms. The Actaea plant is a tall growing species that should be supported by a cane to encourage strong, upright growth. Once the flowering season is over, cut back to encourage the best health.

Are Actaea plants poisonous?

Only the berries of the Actaea plant are poisonous. Do not ingest them and keep them away from dogs. The berries are fine for wildlife to eat.

Actaea sim Pink Spike 3ltr Perennial Plants