Alchemilla Mollis Irish Silk 2ltr


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Also known as 'lady's mantle' is a genus of plants native to the colder regions of Europe and Asia it has historically been used to make a medicinal herbal tea Getting its name from the latin term for alchemy, the dew of this mound forming plants leaves were believed to turn lead into gold The long-stalked, Gray-green leaves are often covered with soft water-resistant hairs and small petals-less green to bright chartreuse flowers appear in clusters above the foliage in late spring and summer This plant is ideal for underplanting roses or as part of a wild garden

How to grow Alchemilla

The Alchemilla can be planted in almost any location with a moist but well-drained soil Water well to keep the soil moist and remove any seed pods as you see them to avoid self-seeding Prune from late summer onwards when the flowers and foliage become untidy to encourage new growth You do not need to fertilize this plant, but it may benefit from an annual feeding with a natural plant food

Is Alchemilla toxic?

Alchemilla has no toxic effects reported

Alchemilla Mollis Irish Silk 2ltr Perennial Plants