Alocasia & Dieffenbachia Potting Mix 2.5ltr


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The Alocasia and Dieffenbachia are houseplants that will blow your mind with their beauty if given the very best growing conditions. This peat free potting mix provides you everything you need to unlock the full potential of these fantastic plants. Created by experts in houseplant care, this mix of Charcoal, Coco Chips, Coco Coir, Bark, Pumice, Vermiculite and Worm Castings is the perfect blend to help you plant thrive.

The Alocasia and Dieffenbachia thrive in a neutral soil that is crumbly and loose enough for their roots to burrow through whilst still retaining enough moisture to keep the plant well hydrated. The mix of coco chips and bark add that loose texture you want whilst the vermiculite holds on the moisture that your plant will need. Combine that with the charcoal and you will have an airy soil mix that your plants will thrive – if your planting a new plant or repotting an old one.

Alocasia & Dieffenbachia Potting Mix 2.5ltr Houseplant Substrates